A-Level Science

Course Introduction

The International A Level, regarded as the 'gold standard' by Cambridge Assessment International Education, is globally recognized and holds the same value as its UK equivalent for university admissions. Tailored for an international audience, it offers a flexible two-year program, allowing students to choose subjects based on their interests. The curriculum is carefully designed to avoid cultural bias, making it suitable for Cambridge schools worldwide. The program's structure and administration cater to the diverse needs of schools and students across the globe.

Course Overview

The College offers a wide range of subjects and various subject combinations to fulfill the requirements and to prepare students for university studies such as Science, Medicine, Engineering, Business and Liberal Arts. Students are required to take a minimum of four subjects in order to qualify for the degree. Students can also take additional subjects depending upon their interests and abilities.

Courses Offered

English is compulsory and any three or more subject of your choice.

Group S1 Group S2
English General Paper (AS) English General Paper (AS)
Physics Physics
Chemistry Chemistry
Biology Mathematics
Computer Science Economics
Mathematics Computer Science
Psychology Psychology
Sociology Sociology

Eligibility Criteria for A Level:

Students who have taken the SEE/GCSE/CBSE or equivalent courses at the time of admission can apply. The main requirement is academic ability to fulfill the rigors of this challenging programme.


The College offers scholarships to highly meritorious but financially weak students. There are various other scholarships available for deserving candidates as well.

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